Why peditatric dentistry with Dr. Adam?

Pediatric dentistry provides children with a firm foundation of dental health that will last a lifetime. We believe a child who has a positive experience at the dentist is much more likely to continue routine visits throughout their teen years and into adulthood.


At our pediatric office we strive to create a fun, relaxing, safe environment. After all, those little teeth are attached to big personalities! Our team has extensive experience working with kids, and most of us are parents ourselves. We have the skills, patience and drive to adapt to any situation.


At their first visit, we’ll look at your child’s teeth and give them a dental cleaning and fluoride treatment. We’ll take x-rays if needed and, most important, we’ll begin teaching your child how to take care of their teeth between visits and put them at ease while in the office.


From Disney Junior, toys and games in our waiting area to cookie dough-flavored toothpaste and a prize or two at the end of each visit, we strive to make going to the dentist something kids actually look forward to.

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